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End of Challenge

End of Callenge

End of challenge but only halfway towards goal

This is the end of the 60 day challenge and I have managed to go down to 75kg from a starting weight of 80. My goal was 70kg but I had been trying to get below 80kg for a long time but with regular exercise, my Slimmex tablets and watching what I was eating I have managed to shift those pounds. I have never felt starving or deprived although I did struggle with my exercise part way through when I had a chest infection. I am going to continue taking my supplements and keep up my gym sessions and running. My starting statistics were 42″ bust which is now 41″ my waist has gone from 38″ to 37″ and the biggest result has been my hips which have gone from a 44″ to 41′. I feel better and have more energy and would recommend Simply Supplements to anyone who needs that little extra help whether it be cravings or health related.

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Last Week of Challenge

One week left and I am not going to reach my target weight but I feel a whole lot better and more positive that I can achieve my goal. I have more energy, my skin feels softer and my clothes fit better which has to be a positive. It has been good to have the support from SImply Supplements and I will definitely continue to take my Slimmex tablets. The cravings are certainly helped by taking them and my family support has also been invaluable. This last week I will be back at work but I will still give it my all. All the media is full of what we need to do to stay healthy and with the Olympics coming up it will be at the forefront of every couch potato. I think it has never been easier to get help and support if you REALLY want to lose weight and become fitter.

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Upping the Ante!


Walking the coastal path yesterday after picking up our fish

Well today I didn’t only go to the gym but also ran another 3k although got caught in a horrendous downpour and was like a drowned rat by the end. My darling husband has informed me that I am not running fast enough and that instead of longer distance I am to run faster until my breathing is laboured and walk for a bit if I need to. This he says will get my weight to shift – he ho I will try anything!

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East Neuk fish – the best

Colin coming into St Monans harbour in his boat after lifting his lobster potsImage Neuk

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2 weeks left!

I am nearing the end of this particular challenge – I will certainly keep up my fitness and healthy eating as it has changed the way I look at all aspects of my life. Yesterday I had to run on my own as my husband has damaged his achilles and has been getting physio. He took our granddaughter for a walk whilst I ran just under 4k. Today we drove up to St Monans to get fresh fish and then walked 3.5k each way along the coastal path which was great and although the weather was not sunny at least it was dry. We also stopped at the local farm shop and bought some fresh local veg and fruit. I make my own wholemeal breadcrumb dressing for the haddock and we had the fish with green beans and boiled ayrshire potatoes. It was delicious and so fresh it was worth the drive. Tomorrow it is the gym for us and I find myself looking forward to my gym sessions which I did not think I would ever do. I may not have lost as much on the scales as I was hoping for but I definitely feel I am starting to tone up and energise myself

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